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All our investor leads have gone through a pre-qualification process, which means all of these investors are pre-qualified for the following:

$1,000,000+ net worth

$200,000+ income

$100,000+ investable assets


Current active investor


Has an investment portfolio

Major market players, capable of five and six figure investments

— Quality Leads —

Don’t settle for cheap leads, you get what you pay for. We are in business to keep clients, and the only way to do that is to have quality. We obtain our leads from a variety of sources that keeps them both fresh and diverse. We do everything from preforming our own surveys to obtaining client list of recent investors from some of the largest companies in the business.

We have a number of different options coming in weekly and can provide everything the following and often times more:

Complete client list, all confirmed check writers from a specific project, typically with investment amounts included.

Handwritten front sheets, these come from a number of sources and are broker qualified as active accredited investors with an interest in a specific project and have been sent additional information, these typically have a wide array of details.

Front list in Excel format, these are brand new specialty list straight from the source and were broker qualified on a specific investment, all requested more information and are investment specific.

— Leads Pricing —

Discounts can be arranged on a case by case bases for large orders. If you need something specific, contact us. You can receive your leads within 1 hour via email.

If you need a bigger bang for your buck and have the infrastructure to call through large amounts of potential investors then these are for you! The material in this category is a little older but still relevant and still very useful. The leads are a mix of data, everything from clients, fronts, opt ins, to general accredited leads. You receive a 30 day exclusive on this list before it is considered again.

Our Premium leads are great leads for anyone raising money and who has the time or staff to make the calls to find the best candidate. These leads all originate as both client and front list from a number of different sources. We call every one of these leads to ensure there are no wrong or disconnected numbers as well as run it against the Do Not Call list. There are a lot of check writers in here and they are actual accredited investors. You receive a 30 day exclusive on this list before it is reviewed again.

Our real time leads are people whom we have had the chance to speak with on the phone and confirmed that they are currently accredited, actively seeking investments, and liquid to make investments. We then take it one step further and find out their investment history and thoughts on doing new investments in a number of different areas. You receive a 60 day exclusive on this list before we recall and verify if again.

Formats available for each pricing package

Adobe Acrobat,(.pdf); Microsoft Excel, (.xls); E-mail – No Charge

8 1/2″ x 11″ printed shipped priority us mail – 0.35 PER PAGE

Flash drive shipped priority us mail – $10.00 per order

— Contact Us —

Simply email us and let us know what type of investor you’re looking for and how many leads you’re interested in. We can do special orders and will consider any special need you might have, we’re here for you.

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